Employees working together
Employers need great talent.
Everyone needs a great job.
Students need skills & guidance. We aim to bridge the gap with knowledge & training.
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Fueling the Talent Pipeline

Our coalition: supports learners, invites industry to connect to educators, and connects the dots between job seekers and placement.

The Problem

  1. To meet industry needs now and in the future, at least 60% of adults will need postsecondary training (credential, certificate or degree).
  2. Most "good jobs" – jobs that pay enough to live comfortably – are in areas students are often unaware like manufacturing, heavy machinery, medical/insurance.
  3. Meaningful career exploration and development in middle through high school results in more successful employees, yet not all students have access to those types of learning opportunities.
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The Solution

  1. Equitable access to career exploration across all of Arizona
  2. One technology solution
  3. Industry and Education in constant communication
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We cannot meet our goal alone.

This coalition brings industry, education and technology together toward the common goal to ensure the future talent of Arizona meets employer needs and student needs of economic independence.

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Photo of teachers and kids doing STEM projects Photo of teachers and kids doing STEM projects Photo of teachers and kids doing STEM projects

Equitable Access to Career Exploration

Our Coalition exists to ensure students at all levels have opportunity for career readiness that is meaningful and relevant.

Junior Achievement of Arizona
Valley of the Sun United Way
Center for the Future of Arizona
Arizona Business and Education Coalition

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Communication Between Industry & Education

Schools and industry working together on careers graphic

Educators want to know what industry is needing, so they need your voice.

Industry leaders are needed to:

  • Inform about what skills students need for a great job
  • Inform about the jobs open now and in the future
  • Engage in the learning process to make it relevant

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Here's One Technology Tool

PipelineAZ logo

PipelineAZ is the shared tool for all learners across Arizona. Our coalition singularly supports this tool.

This tool helps, but we need your participation and support to create the kinds of programs we need to fuel the talent pipeline for tomorrow.
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Join Us

Sign up here to learn about how your company can join this work.

Together we can make our goal a reality: By 2030 all of Arizona's learners will have experienced career development in order to meet the Achieve60AZ workforce goals.


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